Charting a Path for Entrepreneurial Legacy Building

Panel Discussion

The Legacy Makers is a FREE virtual panel discussion aimed at helping aspiring & existing entrepreneurs discover the keys to long-term success. Our expert panelists will share their experiences and views on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur & build a lasting legacy. Topics will include the importance of mentorship, ways to access capital, entrepreneurial insights and so much more!

JUN 22 2023

JUN 22




Here’s What You’ll Learn At
The Legacy Makers Panel Discussion

:: How to leverage financial resources to fund & grow your business

:: How to effectively network & build meaningful relationships 

:: Why having a business coach or mentor is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur 

:: Tips & mindset shifts to help you overcome common entrepreneurial setbacks and challenges

PLUS attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance and have them answered by the panel live!



I’m a real estate entrepreneur and wealth strategist with over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. I began my career as a paralegal and soon transitioned into being a licensed REALTOR® and a property manager. After a few successful years in the industry, I decided to bank on myself and open my own real estate investment company where I specialized in renovating & flipping distressed properties, as well as property management. I now teach other real estate entrepreneurs how to invest & build their portfolios with confidence and strategy through my online wealth building course The Legacy Playbook®.

I’m passionate about sharing everything I’ve learned along the way as an entrepreneur in hopes that others will learn from my mistakes and be better prepared to achieve long lasting success!

If You’re Ready To Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey Or You Want To Gain Momentum In Your Business, You Don’t Want To Miss This!

Join us at The Legacy Makers panel discussion as we explore & discuss what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. We’ll provide you with invaluable tools, resources & knowledge, so you can start building your legacy, today. 

Tools & Resources

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